by Electronix
$ 499.00
  • AGGRESSIVE, OFF-ROAD TIRES: Take a detour with these off road tires. The 8.5 inch off road tire allows you to ride almost anywhere! Take your hoverboard through the grass, gravel, and sand! Plus, with more ground clearance, bumps in the ground are smoother than ever before. 
  • BATTERY SHEILD: The newest Self Balance Scooter technology is safer than ever before! Every scooter purchased from us is equipped with the highest quality batteries and protectant shield available today. 


  • UL LISTED FOR SAFETY: UL 2272 certified self-balancing scooter, satisfies all UL safety requirements, features low battery protection, low weight protection, speeding protection, overheat protection, slope protection for extra security, battery tested up to 1,000 charges.
  • CONVENIENT & POWERFUL: Skip the car or bike for short trips with our cool scooter. And this lightweight (25 lb.) scooter can also be carried onto bus or metro for longer trips thanks to compact size. ABS construction for durability, waterproof class rated at IP54 for use in all weather conditions, aluminum alloy rims provide extra durability for the shock-absorbing, non-skid tires guarantee your safety on slippery road.


Tech Specs

8.5 Inch Wheel ◦ Frame Material: Aluminum/ Alloy ◦ Hard Rubber Tires ◦ Power Supply Lithium Battery ◦ 36 Volt Battery ◦ 5 Hour Battery Life ◦ 2 Hour Charge Time ◦ Max Speed: 15 MPH ◦ Headlights ◦ LED Light (Available on Select Models)